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Hunter Education Video Series Instructor DVD

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  • This is the main menu for the Hunter Education Video Series DVD. From here you can run any of the seven main video presentations, or click on Additional Features to open up more menus leading to 23 additional presentations.

Introduction to Hunter Education - 5 minutes; Hunting Safety - 24 minutes; Hunter Responsibility - 24 minutes; Outdoor Safety - 17 minutes; Wildlife Conservation - 29 minutes; Hunting for Success - 13 minutes; Hunting Opportunities - 8 minutes
  • This menu is your gateway to 23 additional videos, animations, and training aids designed to help the instructor use engaging and interactive teaching styles that lead to better student comprehension.
  • There are 14 short wildlife identification videos. Choose the ones you need, and show them in any order that makes sense for your student's needs. ID videos include white-tailed deer, mule deer, deer comparison, elk, moose, pronghorn, caribou, bighorn sheep, Dall's sheep, mountain goat, wild turkey, brown bears, black bears, and polar bears.
  • Shoot don't shoot scenarios and discussions can help students with their decision making skills.
  • Firearm safety is covered in hunter safety video, but these additional presentations will help students learn more and generate discussion.
  • The Introduction to Hunter Education video shows students why hunter education is needed, who sponsors it, why it is vital to wildlife conservation, and how it is funded. It also honors the 55,000 volunteer instructors in North America. Use it to start your course off right.
  • A Utah instructor teaching a class.
  • We traveled the country coast to coast several times to get the material for this DVD. We went along on actual hunts to create realism and interest. The video shows many families and friends enjoying time together on safe and responsible hunting trips.
  • This is an elk hunting shot from a Colorado Youth Hunt.
  • This was an early morning dove hunt near the Ohio River as the sun shines through the fog.
  • We accompanied wildlife officers as they tracked down violators. This adds a lot of interest to the Hunter Responsibility video.
  • The videos contain numerous graphic aids to help students learn important points.
  • We used a cutaway shotgun barrel to show how a 20 gauge shell can slip down the chamber allowing a 12 gauge shell to be loaded behind it.
  • These blown gun barrels will make quite an impression on your students.
  • This is a scene from the Bighorn Sheep ID video.
  • A scene from the Black Bear ID video.
  • A Moose ID video scene.
  • The Deer Comparison ID video helps students learn the difference between white-tailed deer and mule deer.
  • Your students will see a lot of wildlife in scenes from Alaska to Florida in a variety of North American habitats.
  • One of the many scenes from waterfowl hunting shown in the Hunter Education Video Series.
  • A graphic animation is used to teach sight adjustment.
  • A scene from the National Elk Refuge in the Wildlife Conservation in North America video.
  • Teaching points are illustrated by "Wildlife in the News" stories, created just for this comprehensive series. This is a shot from a story about wildfires.
  • This is from a stewardship story about a Texas family that manages their land for wildlife and good hunting. (Wildlife conservation in North America)
  • Scene from a story about the Attwater's Prairie Chicken, and endangered species in Texas.
  • Bison from the Yellowstone region.
  • A Texas wildlife biologist cannon-nets a flock of turkeys as she talks about turkey management techniques.
  • Biologists describe the challenges of managing snow geese with international cooperation.
  • An early spring evening along the Platte River in Nebraska.
  • Sunset on a western river.
  • A bowhunter demonstrates tree stand safety and hunting techniques.
  • A Wildlife in the News spot covers a hunting controversy and a legal challenge in court.
  • This story examines overpopulation of deer in urban parks and culling programs.
  • The story shows how an overpopulation of deer can destroy habitat.
  • Your students will understand how hunters pay for wildlife conservation through license fees and the Wildlife Restoration program.
  • A state wildlife biologist discusses wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Go along as a wildlife biologist deals with an outbreak of botulism at a waterfowl refuge.
  • Wildlife research is illustrated by a story called the Minnesota Moose Mystery.  Go along as biologists dart moose from a helicopter. The moose is fitted with a transmitter as biologists take blood samples and more in an effort to determine why the population is dropping.
  • An outdoor safety scene shows how two lost hunters use a signal mirror.
  • This is an interview with a sheriff leading a search and rescue operation for a lost hunter as bad weather sets in.
  • Heat exhaustion of one of many conditions covered in the Outdoor Safety video.
  • Hypothermia is a major concern for hunters.
  • Another scene from a Colorado youth hunter and his mentor.
  • Pronghorn from a shoot - don't shoot scene.
  • Students will enjoy beautiful shots of wildlife in habitats from coastal marshes to deserts to mountains.
  • A father and son stop to get permission before the youngster's first pheasant hunt.
  • It is hunting season and we have actual shots showing good and bad ways to transport deer.
  • Scene from a check station where many families were stopping for groceries.
  • Many game care techniques are show. This is a fast way to skin a fox squirrel while keeping hair from getting on the meat.
  • Cleaning a dove.
  • Old faithful waiting patiently for his master to shoot.
  • Shot placement is covered. In this case a live deer transforms into a graphic depicting the location of vital organs.
  • This is the deer before changing into the previous graphic.
  • A scene from the Hunter Responsibility video.
  • A deer poacher who shot at a decoy is cuffed and frisked before going to jail. After being caught on tape, officers stopped him. He had a loaded rifle in the car, an open container of alcohol, and illegal drugs. Deer season was in, but the man did not have a hunting license.
  • Texas Game Wardens take down a ring of deer poachers.
  • Students will understand more about hunting with dogs by watching the Hunter Education Video Series DVD. Here a young lab finds a dove in heavy cover and retrieves it.
  • Field dressing a deer.
  • Tagging a deer in the field.
  • Another shot of a hunter dressing a squirrel.
  • A hunter demonstrates his respect for game as he examines this gadwall.
  • Firearm safety on the range.
  • Andrew carries his first pheasant to the truck.
  • This pheasant walked out of some cover as hunters approached.
  • A Colorado Wildlife Officers checks two hunters, both legal, on a snowy winter day.
  • Priming a flintlock
  • Now you know why they call it a smokepole.
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Product Description

Hunter Safety Education Video Series DVD

Seven videos and 23 additional training presentations on one DVD - 2.5 hours of content

  • Introduction to Hunter Education video - 5 minutes

  • Hunting Safety video - 24 minutes

  • Hunter Responsibility video - 24 minutes

  • Outdoor Safety video - 17 minutes

  • Wildlife Conservation in North America video - 29 minutes

  • Hunting for Success video - 13 minutes

  • Hunting Opportunities video - 8 minutes

  • Open Caption Option for hearing-impaired students may be toggled on or off as needed

  • 23 additional training presentations as described below

"The content of this video series is superb. It is timely, relevant, and factual."
Jim Carter, Hunter Education Administrator, North Dakota Game & Fish Department

Introduction to Hunter Education video

This concise video explains why hunter education is needed, who sponsors it, why it is vital to wildlife conservation, and how it is funded. It also highlights and pays tribute to the 65,000 instructors who teach the course, and gives credit to local sponsoring organizations such as conservation clubs and civic groups. Use this video to start your course off right and generate local support for your program.

Hunting Safety video

This video covers firearm safety, transportation, handling firearms in the field, safe shot selection, hunter visibility, treestand safety, firearm actions, archery, blackpowder, home firearm safety, matching guns and ammunition, safely cleaning firearms, clearing barrels of obstructions, crossing obstacles, avoiding alcohol, and zones of fire. And more.

This is a great video to use for presentations with scout groups, schools, and civic organizations to teach gun safety and introduce people to hunting. Some instructors also use it for refresher courses or alternative courses using home study and field day classes. This video is also used in many corporate employee safety training programs.

Hunter Responsibility video

Hunter ethics and responsibility is tightly integrated throughout the Hunter Education Video Series DVD. This title takes a no-nonsense approach to legal and ethical hunter behavior. The Hunter Responsibility video is based on research that shows people make behavioral decisions one one or more of three criteria:

  • Sometimes people make decisions on a punishment basis. "Is what I want to do illegal, what is the chance of getting caught, and what is the penalty if I do get caught?"  Our videos show many instances of wildlife officers checking hunters and we use authentic footage of officers arresting poachers and violators. This video makes it very clear that hunting and poaching are two different things.
  • Sometimes people are most influenced by the behavior of people around them and their understanding of society's expectations for their behavior. This video stresses the fact that large numbers of hunters organize into conservation groups, and these groups expect and demand a high standard of responsible behavior. Hunting is, and should continue to be, an honorable activity.
  • Sometimes people are driven by a higher calling, and with experience in the field they develop self-imposed standards of conduct that guide their own behavior. These people often rise to positions of leadership and become defenders of our outdoor heritage.

Considering these criteria, the hunter responsibility video covers self-respect, as well as respect for the resource, other hunters, landowners, and non-hunters. Students are exposed to the benefits of belonging to local, state, and national conservation groups. This video also features footage of Theodore Roosevelt, and avid hunter who is widely revered as the President who did more to conserve wild things and wild places than any other President.

Outdoor Safety video

The Outdoor Safety video covers risks related to physical health and conditioning, survival, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, heart attacks, falls, boating accidents, and more. Important points are driven home by the use of actual news footage showing rescues, lost hunters, and survival situations.

This is another popular video used in corporate employee safety training programs.

Wildlife Conservation in North America video

Thanks to hunters, North America has the most successful system of wildlife management in the world. The basic principles of wildlife management are explained and made real with the use of actual television news footage. See how wildlife biologists monitor populations, restore endangered species, protect habitat, cope with disease outbreaks, and control over populations. Students will also learn about disagreements among people over how wildlife should be managed. Includes some outstanding photography of wildlife and habitats found across North America.

This video is a great tool to use with non-hunters or general audiences. If you need a video that supports the role of hunters and hunting in wildlife management use this to develop understanding and support. The message is clear. Wildlife and wild places are abundant in North America today because of hunting.

Hunting for Success video

Designed to be shown near the end of your course, this video will help students integrate their newly acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes so they can safely purse game with increased chances for a safe and enjoyable hunt. One clear message is that safe, enjoyable hunts are successful hunts. Sometimes, hunters fill their tags, and that is an added bonus.

Hunting Opportunities video

Hunter safety education is only one part of the process of becoming a lifelong hunter, dedicated to preserving our natural heritage and conserving wildlife for future generations. This video video helps students and their families learn about opportunities to go hunting, participate in advanced training programs, and join groups dedicated to hunting or target shooting.

23 Additional Hunter Safety Education Training Presentations

  • Bullet Range - Compares maximum ranges of various rounds
  • Bullet Trajectories - Animation that shows range based on horizontal, elevated, and near vertical angles
  • Habitat Animation - Simple animation shows components of habitats and demonstrates arrangement to create edge effect for wildlife
  • Judgmental Shooting Scenarios - Five video scenarios to help students determine safe and legal shooting situations
  • Zone of Fire Animation - Quiz students and discuss situations
  • Shooting Ranges - Short video range safety video and demonstrates the use of berms, baffles, and backstops
  • Wildlife Identification Videos - 14 short videos covering white-tailed deer, mule deer, deer comparison, elk, moose, pronghorn, caribou, bighorn sheep, Dall's sheep, mountain goat, wild turkey gobblers, hens, & jakes, brown/grizzly bear, black bear, and polar bear.


"I watched all of the hunter education videos. Really great stuff. I liked the way you worked the skill - knowledge - attitude factors into the safety part. I think that is every effective."
R. Ben Peyton, Ph.D., Michigan State University 

"The Wildlife Conservation video alone is worth the cost of the whole series."
Master Instructor Workshop, Colorado Division of Wildlife 

"I used your videos at a student course last week and the results were very good. This up-to-date footage holds the student's attention better than our other films."
Major Steve Adcock, Mississippi Hunter Education Administrator

"These videos are an excellent supplemental resource for the hunter education program and if used properly can greatly enhance the course delivery."
Dr. David Knotts, Executive Vice-President, International Hunter Education Association.


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