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North American Wildlife Identification Video DVD

  • Image 1
  • North American Wildlife Identification DVD main menu.
  • Mammal Menu 1
  • Mammal Menu 2
  • Waterfowl Menu 1
  • Waterfowl Menu 2
  • Upland Bird Menu
  • Scene from the Sage Grouse video.
  • Each video ends with a general range map.
  • Marten
  • Blue-winged Teal
  • Bobcat
  • A still frame from the Bighorn Sheep video just before they knock heads.
  • First menu screen from the wildlife identification quiz.
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Product Description

North American Wildlife Identification Video DVD

The North American Wildlife Identification Video DVD is an exhaustive resource for hunter education instructors, naturalists, teachers, and other educators. The DVD covers 114 species of North American big game, small game, waterfowl and upland birds. Nested menus allow you to select the species you want to view within each category. The DVD is designed for an interactive teaching style allowing the instructor to cover material, show the video segment for that species, follow-up, and answer questions. 

  • subtitling for the hearing impaired
  • interactive quiz covering more than 100 species using still images
  • high resolution videos and still images
  • geographical range maps for each species
  • random access to easily navigate among the species videos and quiz questions.

Check out the screen shots from the North American Wildlife Identification Video DVD in the slide viewer at the top of this page.

Species List

Mammals and Alligator Video Menu

Bighorn Sheep; Dall's Sheep; Mountain Goat; Black Bear; Grizzly (Brown) Bear; Polar Bear; Caribou; Elk; Moose; Mule Deer; White-tailed Deer; Deer Comparison; Pronghorn; Bison; Muskox; Cougar; bobcat; Lynx; Arctic Fox; Coyote; Gray Wolf; Gray Fox; Red Fox; Swift Fox; Badger; Beaver; Fisher; Long-tailed Weasel; Marten; Mink; Muskrat; Nutria; Opossum, Raccoon; Ringtail; River Otter; Striped Skunk; Wolverine; Fox Squirrel; Gray Squirrel; Red Squirrel; Groundhog; Hoary Marmot; Yellow-bellied Marmot; Prairie Dog; Arctic Hare; Black-tailed Jackrabbit; Cottontail Rabbit; Snowshoe Hare; Javelina; Porcupine; Wild Boar; Alligator

Upland Birds Video Menu

Band-tailed Pigeon; Mourning Dove; White-winged Dove; Bobwhite Quail; California Quail; Chuckar; Gambel's Quail; Hungarian Partridge; Montezuma Quail; Mountain Quail; Scaled Quail; Blue Grouse; Ruffed Grouse; Sage Grouse; Sharp-tailed Grouse; Spruce Grouse; Wild Turkey (Gobblers - Hens - Jakes); Pheasant; Prairie Chicken; Crow; Rock Ptarmigan; White-tailed Ptarmigan; Willow Ptarmigan; Snipe; Woodcock

Waterfowl Video Menu

Black Duck; Black Scoter; Black-bellied Whistling Duck; Blue-winged Teal; Brant; Bufflehead; Canada Goose; Canvasback; Cinammon Teal; Common Eider; Common Merganser; Coot; Fulvous Whistling Duck; Gadwall; Goldeneye; Green-winged Teal; Harlequin Duck; Hooded Merganser; Long-tailed Black Duck; Mallard; Moorhen; Pintail; Red-breasted Merganser; Redhead; Ringneck Duck; Ruddy Duck; Sandhill Crane; Scaup; Shoveler; Snow Goose; Surf Scoter; Tundra Swan; White-fronted Goose; Wigeon; Wood Duck

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